Tanya Abaimova, Dollmaker.

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My name is Tanya Abaimova. The dream to make my own dolls began some 30+ years ago when my mom took me to a marionette theater. I was given a book with pictures of the dolls, used in the play. I spent countless hours with this book during my childhood and made my first simple dolls based on those characters.

In 2001 the dream was given a new life when I discovered for myself the polymer clay media. Few bricks of Sculpey polymer clay and a book about making characters were originally bought for my daughter, but I became very much involved myself. Since then making dolls became one of the most fun and important things in my life.

I like seeing happy people around me, and I make most of my dolls smiling or laughing. I have always liked fairy tales, especially those with happy endings, and all my dolls are inspired by them. I work in several different kinds of polymer and air dry media. I also enjoy trying different media and techniques as well as experimenting with character features and facial expressions. This is exactly the kind of freedom the fairy tale characters give me.

Most of my dolls are showcased on this web site. I welcome everybody to take a look at my dolls and send me any comments or questions.

Few more words about me

My work was published in numerous doll related publications, such as Dolls Magazine, Contemporary Doll Collector and Doll Costuming as well as books.

My composition "Childs Dream" (below) won the 2008 DOTY® Industry Choice Award.

Tanya Abaimova Childs Dream

I am a member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild and have won the first place in the Guild's 2005 Annual ProSculpt Scholarship Award Contest in the Professional Category with my composition "3 Wise Men" (below). 

Tanya Abaimova 3 Wise Men

My composition "Adventures of Gulliver" (right)  was nominated for 2006 DOLLS Awards of Excellence in One-Of-A-Kind $1,000-$2,500 category.

Tanya Abaimova

Adventures of Gulliver

Some of the items in the galleries are for sale. I'm also running auctions on eBay almost every week.

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Contact me via e-mail: info@sunnyfaces.net
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